1. Motherland.
2. One's native country or homeland.

We curate one of a kind pieces from master artisans worldwide. 

Our focus is on textiles and other handmade accents; treasures that tell a story about their makers and the places where they come from.

We live in a world that values fast and cheap products. We want to promote superior quality and the art of taking time to create meaningful pieces that last a life time. If you were doing the job of sufficient length, then it's time people have a great time! Have fun playing the free spins no deposit uk. You will have time to charge!


Hi I’m Liliana!

I was born and raised in Lima, Peru, a place rich in history and folklore. I grew up seeing my family connect and support artisans at the local markets and on our travels. They showed me the great amount of skill that these artists’ crafts showcase as well as to appreciate the amount of time required for their creations. Luck with roulette online free play can all your dreams come true very quickly and few mouse clicks!

After I moved to Canada I started to bring back pieces of Peru with me to decorate my home and every trip opened the door to relationships with new artisans. I became particularly passionate about textiles and ceramics. My passion for travel and my interest to learn about different cultures pushed me to create Matria Home; a place where i could introduce and promote treasures from around the world to people who otherwise may never experience them.

 Liliana Wong and Emanuele Bignone Matria Home interior home decor

Ciao I'm Emanuele and I am Italian.

History and art have played a big role in my life from a young age.  My father travelled the world for work and he used to bring back the most interesting treasures: from textiles to ceramics and my personal favourite, an antique bow and arrow from the Amazon.

I have lived in many different countries and I’m passionate about travelling to discover new cultures and ways of living.

During my travels I tend to look for unique handmade products that no one else has; real treasures to bring home to my family and friends. I want them to experience my adventures and to get inspired to see the world.

I want to help artisans around the world promote and preserve their art and heritage.